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Do not fill out an application for someone else. 

This program is offered to a mix of disciplines and when the maximum capacity of one or more discipline tracks is reached, we will begin a waitlist for that track and/or when the program is reaching near capacity. 

In the event that seating is no longer available for your discipline track, you will be placed on a wait list and contacted.  Should there be a cancellation/opening, we will contact you. 


Advanced Team Training is exclusively offered to Team Training graduates (alumni) and usually presented each summer.

This year, the Parkinson’s Foundation will present both trainings back-to-back so that after completing the Team Training on October 24th, first time attendees are qualified to attend the Advanced Team Training on October 25-26. All learners who have attended any past Team Training or ATTP are qualified to apply for Advanced Team Training. 

The live programming will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 25th and  26th, 2023.

You must complete both the prerequisites and attend the live days in full to receive a Parkinson's Foundation Continuing Education Certificate.  

By clicking "yes" below, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept the time commitments required to participate in Team Training and have communicated this to my manager and/or employer. 


All attendees must fill out their own individual application.  

DO NOT WAIT to gather your team members to apply as the program fills quickly. 

All teams will be matched with their work affiliation in our system, even if you apply as an individual and later find others who plan to attend. 

To move through the application and all segments in this course, you must click on “NEXT” at the bottom of each segment. 

If you have questions, please contact teamtraining@parkinson.org


VA employees: contact teamtraining@parkinson.org for special team pricing

The pricing for Advanced Team Training is as follows:

  • 1-2 people: $550 per person
  • 3+ people: $500 per person
  • VA employees: contact teamtraining@parkinson.org for special team pricing
  • Student (full-time and not yet licensed in their practice): free
  • Medical Fellow or NP Fellow: free

The lodging costs will be $157/night if booked prior to July 24th. Hotel details will be provided upon acceptance.

For questions regarding pricing or lodging, please contact teamtraining@parkinson.org.

Click here to download the list of topics to be discussed during Advanced Team Training. 

Advanced Team Training Attendance Pre-Requisite Acknowledgement 

PRIOR TO COMPLETING THIS APPLICATION, attendees must have completed and received a certificate of completion to a prior Parkinson’s Foundation Team Training (or ATTP). 


If you have not completed a Team Training course previously and received a certificate, please exit the application.