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Do not fill out an application for someone else. 

This program is offered to a mix of professions and when the maximum capacity of one or more discipline tracks is reached, we will begin a waitlist for that track and/or when the program is reaching near capacity. 

If seating is no longer available for your profession track, you will be placed on a wait list and contacted.  Should there be a cancellation/opening, we will contact you. 

The Parkinson's Foundation may take group photos during in-person trainings to be used for future educational program marketing.


Parkinson’s disease (PD) is complex with multiple motor and non-motor symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment can improve the lives of those living with PD. Because of the extensive symptoms people with Parkinson’s may experience over the course of the disease, and due to the lack of proper training around Parkinson’s disease in academic settings, it often takes a long time for people to get a proper diagnosis of Parkinson’s. For those who do get the diagnosis, many have symptoms that go under-recognized or under-treated for lengths of time. Because knowledge and skills vary between health professionals, collaboration gives critical insight into the diagnosis and successful treatment of the disease.

At the Parkinson’s Foundation, we firmly believe that taking a collaborative team approach in the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease will change the way care is delivered. Team Training and team collaboration are not taught in most medical schools so must be learned outside of school. It is this belief that fuels our mission to provide our dynamic and engaging Team Training. Parkinson’s Foundation’s Team Training is designed to increase knowledge and build capacity for comprehensive, inter-professional care in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease throughout the continuum of the disease.

Registration Prices:

  • Registration fee: $550.00 USD (per person)

  • Teams of 3 or more: $500.00 USD (per person)

  • VA facilities: The Parkinson’s Foundation provides special pricing in an email to VA employees. This funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact deniseberan@parkinson.org to reserve pricing for your VA team.

  • MD Fellows: Complimentary (limited to 2 MD fellows per training)

  • Students: Complimentary limited ♦

♦ NOTE: Complimentary student access is limited to 2 students per each listed discipline track and must be a full-time student which is unlicensed in the discipline track for which you're applying.

DISCOUNT PRICING FOR DUAL ENROLLMENT (Team Training + Advanced Team Training):
  • Dual enrollment discounted price for individuals:  $950 each

  • Dual enrollment discounted price for teams of 3 or more:  $850 each

Payment Cancelations:  Cancelations are fully refundable until June 14th. From June 14th- July 15th, cancelations are refundable, less a $50 processing fee. After July 15th, cancelations are no longer refundable. You may donate your ticket to another team member in your facility accepted to attend or elect to donate your paid ticket amount to the Parkinson’s Foundation (a donation receipt will be provided).

Discount refund:  If you paid the full amount of a ticket and later find you have 2 other colleagues from your facility who would like to attend, the Parkinson’s Foundation will refund the difference of the full price paid vs. the team price back to the original card used for the ticket purchase. The foundation will also refund the difference of the full price paid vs. the extended discount for attending both programs (if applicable).

☆ REGISTRATION DEADLINE: September 23, 2024 ☆


Parkinson's Foundation Team Training requires that you complete all 3 hours of online prerequisite courses prior to attending the live training.

Your attendance is required for every live session on OCTOBER 22-24, 2024 to complete the training and be registered as a Parkinson Foundation Team Training Alumni. 

By clicking "yes" below, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept the time commitments required to participate in Team Training and have communicated this to my manager and/or employer. 


2024 Advanced Team Training focusing on Atypical Parkinsonism 

Advanced Team Training is exclusively offered to Team Training graduates (alumni) and usually presented each summer.  

This year, the Parkinson’s Foundation will present both trainings back-to-back so that after completing the Team Training on October 24th, you are qualified to attend the Advanced Team Training on October 25-26. 

If you plan to attend the Advanced Team Training on October 25-26, complete this Team Training application first. You will receive an emailed acceptance letter of approval. Once accepted to attend, you will be invited to fill out the Advanced Team Training application. You must be accepted to attend Team Training prior to applying to the Advanced program. 

Advanced Team Training is a separate program, separate application, and cost. A discounted combined ticket price is provided to those who attend both programs.  


All attendees must fill out their own individual application.  

DO NOT WAIT to gather your team members to apply as the program fills quickly. 

All teams will be matched with their work affiliation in our system, even if you apply as an individual and later find others who plan to attend. 


If you have questions, please contact teamtraining@parkinson.org