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Parkinson’s Foundation (PF) is proud to showcase the hard work of our future Parkinson’s disease (PD) experts. This program features the exceptional work of healthcare students by turning their PD-focused projects into accredited online activities.  

    Student Courses:

    ​​​​​​Parkinson’s Disease: Foundational Knowledge for Healthcare Providers

    Individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and young-onset (YOPD) often face challenges within the medical system, resulting in adverse experiences and negative outcomes within the hospital, rehabilitation, or primary care settings. This course will provide foundational knowledge and strategy recommendations to professionals working with individuals with PD and YOPD.

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    Emily Peters-Tempel

    Emily is a 2024 graduate of the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY, USA. She is a Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassador, based in upstate NY. Emily's advocacy for PD lies within the scope of occupational therapy. Her personal mission is to provide individuals globally with YOPD access to evidence-based occupation-based strategies, and connect them directly with relevant healthcare and health promotion resources.

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