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About Team Training:

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is complex with multiple motor and non-motor symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment can improve the lives of those living with PD. Because of the extensive symptoms people with Parkinson’s may experience over the course of the disease, and due to the lack of proper training around Parkinson’s disease in academic settings, it often takes a long time for people to get a proper diagnosis of Parkinson’s. For those who do get the diagnosis, many have symptoms that go under-recognized or under-treated for lengths of time. Because knowledge and skills vary between health professionals, collaboration gives critical insight into the diagnosis and successful treatment of the disease.

At the Parkinson’s Foundation, we firmly believe that taking a collaborative team approach in the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease will change the way care is delivered. Team Training and team collaboration are not taught in most medical schools so must be learned outside of school. It is this belief that fuels our mission to provide our dynamic and engaging Team Training. Parkinson’s Foundation’s Team Training is designed to increase knowledge and build capacity for comprehensive, inter-professional care in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease throughout the continuum of the disease.


Registration Prices:

  • $550 per person for individuals without a team 
  • $475 per person for teams of 3 to 4 team members (must represent at least 2 different disciplines)
  • $450 per person for teams of 5
  • $425 per person for teams of 6 or more
  • VA facilities:  Please call 305-537-9938, or email dberan@parkinson.org for special VA facility pricing
  • Students: Free (maximum of 2 slots per discipline)
  • MD Fellows: Complimentary (limited to 2 MD fellows per training)

*NOTE: Complimentary student access is limited to 2 students per each listed discipline track and must be a full-time student which is unlicensed in the discipline track for which you're applying.



You will receive a response via email within 24-48 hours after receipt of your application. If accepted, your confirmation email will contain the registration and payment link.

Time Commitment

Parkinson's Foundation Team Training  requires that you attend all courses in their entirety. While learning takes place at different paces, this is a semester-long course. You should plan to spend a minimum of 2 hours per week doing coursework in order to adhere to deadlines.

Your attendance is required online for every live virtual session on March 28-31, 2023 in order to receive a Parkinson's Foundation Continuing Education Certificate. 


Virtual Team Training 2023 Agenda Spring (TBA) 


Course Objectives

  • Explain the complexity of motor and non-motor symptom management for individuals living with Parkinson's disease in early, middle and late-stage Parkinson's disease.
  • Identify challenges with medication and medication side effect management in Parkinson's disease.
  • List 6 non-pharmacologic management strategies for non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease.
  • Discuss options to support a person with Parkinson's disease and their families in self-management.
  • Describe the unique and complementary role of each discipline on your care team.
  • Apply strategies for building inter-professional networks and community partnerships.
  • Gain strategies and learn key behaviors to promote team wellness for both individual members and the team as a whole. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When is payment due for this course? 
There is no payment due at the time of your application, however payment is due within 48 hours upon receiving confirmation of your acceptance.* After you've received a letter of acceptance to attend via email, you must confirm your enrollment with payment on Parkinson's Foundation payment web page, a link which will be provided in your emailed acceptance letter. Payment must be made online via credit card.
*If extra time is needed for payment, please email Denise Beran (dberan@parkinson.org) or call 305-537-9938 to make payment arrangements with you or your supervisor/accounting department. Payment must be completed prior to attendance.

Does my team have to apply at the same time in order to receive the team rate?
NO! Each person must apply individually whether you're with a team or not. There is a "yes/no" question on the application to indicate if you're attending with a team.

How do I pay for my team? 
Payment can be made online for up to 5 team members at a time with one card using the payment link provided in the acceptance letter. If more than 5 team members, payment can be made in 2 transactions.

What if I answered that I'm attending as an individual and then our facility sends additional people to qualify for the team rate?
The Parkinson’s Foundation will refund the difference to any individual(s) who paid the higher price when other team members confirm their registration with payment. Please email Denise Beran or call 305-537-9938.

What if we pay the team rate for 3 or more and then 1 of our team must cancel?
The rate difference will be adjusted accordingly and additional payment will be requested.

Cancellations:  Please notify us immediately!
Important Note:  Team Training has limited seating within each profession and a waiting list is created when we reach capacity. If you must cancel, please kindly to let us know immediately so we have time to notify another professional on the waiting list.

What if I need to cancel before payment?
Once you receive an acceptance letter to attend, your seat will be held for 1 week. Payment must be made as noted upon acceptance unless other payment arrangements have been agreed with our staff. However, if you need to cancel, please notify us immediately so that someone else who is on a wait list may have time to prepare for this course.

What if I need to cancel after I've paid? 
Cancellation for a paid registration will be refunded in until January 3rd. A $50 processing fee will be deducted from the amount paid. Please allow up to 30 days to process the cancellation. After January 3rd, 2023, cancellations will not be refunded and will be considered as a donation of support for the Parkinson’s Foundation. A donation tax receipt will be provided.

What if I have more questions?
Email Team Training at, teamtraining@parkinson.org