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Tools, Guides, and Recommendations
  • Exercise Recommendations
    These exercise recommendations aim to support the Parkinson’s community in staying active as exercise can help improve motor and non-motor Parkinson's symptoms. 
  • Hospital Safety Guide
    This guide provides tools and information to help a person with Parkinson’s during their next hospital visit, planned or unplanned.
  • Palliative Care Tools
    Utilize tools for advance care planning, care partner screening, hospice and palliative care, and screening for palliative care needs. 



The Parkinson's Foundation has several general community resources, including our Blog, Fact SheetsBookletsPD Library, and Podcasts.

We also have more specific resources, such as our Care Partner ResourcesHospital Care RecommendationsExercise Recommendations, and Palliative & Supportive Care Resources.

For Spanish speakers, we have Spanish versions of our PD LibraryResources, and Podcasts.

And, as always, you can contact our Helpline for other inquiries. 

Are we missing any tools or resources? Let us know here