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Advance Care Planning

Example of EMR Documentation for Advance Care PlanningPreviewDownload

Care Partner Resources

Caregiver BurdenPreviewDownload
Caregiving Through the ProgressionPreviewDownload
Zarit Burden Interview for Dementia CaregiversPreviewDownload

NonMotor Symptoms

Fatigue Guide for CliniciansPreviewDownload

Palliative Care

Example Palliative Care Clinic BrochurePreviewDownload

PF Palliative Care Newsletters

Newsletters (August-December 2022)Download Zip
Newsletters (January-August 2023)Download Zip


Advance Care Planning

Conversation Starter GuidePreviewDownload
Values Checklist and Guide: My Choices Near the Ending of Life PreviewDownload

Care Partner Screening

Sample Pre-Visit Screening FormPreviewDownload
University of Colorado Care Partner Stoplight PosterPreviewDownload

Hospice and Palliative Care

Brief Needs Assessment ToolPreviewDownload

Sample Screening for Palliative Care Needs

Sample Patient Pre-Visit Screening FormPreviewDownload
Sample Screening Tool with Text GuidePreviewDownload
Sample Template ChecklistPreviewDownload
University of Rochester Parkinson's Pre-Visit QuestionnairePreviewDownload