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The Parkinson’s Foundation Physical Therapy (PT) Faculty Program helps physical therapy educators prepare the next generation of physical therapists to better care for people living with Parkinson’s. This “train-the-trainer” program is designed to teach faculty leaders who can, in turn, educate physical therapy students on the latest evidence-based findings in Parkinson’s research and care. Components of the program include an online self-paced course, live virtual discussions, in-person interactive training, and an independent project designed to enhance Parkinson’s curriculum – all with mentorship from some of the most renowned PTs working in the Parkinson’s space. To date, the PT Faculty Program has trained 61 physical therapy educators who have taught an estimated 14,520 physical therapy students in an effort to meet the growing need of understanding Parkinson’s.  

PT Faculty Program Alumni are eligible to apply to the Parkinson’s Foundation Physical Therapy Faculty Award.  

What is the Physical Therapy Faculty Program?

Program Goals  

  • Enhance the knowledge and confidence of physical therapy faculty in developing course content, delivering lectures, and offering clinical mentorship on Parkinson’s within undergraduate- and graduate-level physical therapy programs nationwide.  
  • Develop a long-term relationship between physical therapy faculty who complete the program and Parkinson’s experts at nationally recognized movement disorder centers.  
  • Prepare physical therapy graduates to care for people living with Parkinson’s, their caregivers, and families.  

In-Person Training Dates & Locations  

Program spaces are limited with only six (6) faculty accepted at each location.  

Note: Applications are CLOSED for the 2023 cycle. 

If you are currently accepted to the 2023 cycle, click here.  

Oregon Health & Science University, Parkinson Center of Oregon  

Faculty: Laurie King, PhD, PT, MCR and Fay Horak, PhD, PT 
Thursday, June 1st through Friday, June 2nd, 2023  

Center for Neurorehabilitation at Boston University  

Faculty: Terry Ellis, PhD, PT, FAPTA 
Wednesday, June 7th through Thursday, June 8th, 2023  

Washington University in St. Louis, Program in Physical Therapy  

Faculty: Gammon Earhart, PT, PhD, FAPTA  
Monday, June 26th through Tuesday, June 27th, 2023  


If you are a program alumni, click here.


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