The Research Process

The Research ProcessWelcome to Course Two in your Research Advocacy Training!

This session will give participants an overview of the research process. They will be introduced to different types of research, phases of research, the various players in research, and a brief overview of how to analyze research.






Introduction to the Research Process
with Michael Fitts

Types of Research
with Karlin Schroeder

Research Ethics
with Karlin Schroeder

Phases of Clinical Trials and Examples
with Karlin Schroeder

Research Design
with Karlin Schroeder

Key Players in Research
with Karlin Schroeder

Research Participant Roles
with Karlin Schroeder

Variables in Research Design
with Karlin Schroeder

Research Analysis Design
with Karlin Schroeder

Conclusion for the Research Process
with Karlin Schroeder

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