Communicating Your 5 Parkinson’s Care Needs During a Hospital Visit

People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) are at a higher risk of hospitalization and face many challenges while in the hospital. This year alone, one in every six people with PD will experience avoidable complications in the hospital.

Whether you live with Parkinson’s or love someone who does, it is important for you to be aware of the risks, prepare ahead of time and know how to advocate for your (or your loved one’s) needs while in the hospital. This course, along with the Hospital Safety Guide, will help you and your loved ones prepare for and navigate a future hospital stay, whether planned or unplanned.





The Importance of Hospital Safety for people with Parkinson’s
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Your 5 Parkinson's Care Needs

Need One: Custom Medication Orders 
Video, 6 Minutes

Need Two: Timely Medication Administration
Video, 8 Minutes

Need Three: Harmful Medications Eliminated
Video, 7 Minutes

Need Four: Routing Mobilization
Video, 3 Minutes

Need Five: Screenings for Dysphagia 
Video, 5 Minutes

Download, Order, and Complete Your Guide
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Symptom Spiral
Video, 2 Minutes

Video, 5 Minutes

Knowledge Check

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Target Audience

People with Parkinson's, Care Partners, Family and Loved Ones

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will recognize the Five Parkinson’s Care Needs in the hospital.
  2. Participants will understand why each need is important and common challenges they may face related to each need.
  3. Participants will know where to find the “Real Time Steps” for each need to use when they or their loved ones are in the hospital.
  4. Participants will feel ready to complete the recommended next steps to be prepared before an emergency occurs.
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