Managing Mood Changes

The impact that Parkinson's has on mood cannot be overstated, and the impact that your loved one's mood has on your day can be just as significant.

This course will provide strategies for understanding your loved one’s mood challenges while also caring for your own feelings and needs. 





Signs and Symptoms of Impaired Mood
Video, 11 Minutes

Your Loved One's Mood Challenge

Progression of Mood Symptoms
Video, 1 Minute

Managing Mood Related Behaviors
Video, 2 Minutes

When to Seek Help
Video, 2 Minutes

Types of Mental Health Providers
Information Page

Pause and Reflect: Is It Time to Seek Help?

Care Partner Participation in Mental Health Management
Video, 2 Minutes

Take Home Tip
Sharable Tip

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Video, 2 Minutes

Depression and PD: A Non-Drug Treatment Option
Downloadable Information

Managing Your Emotions
Video, 2 Minutes

The Seven Needs of Care Partners 
Information Page

Care to Talk? Managing Emotions
Video, 3 Minutes

Pause and Reflect: The Seven Needs of Care Partners 
Personal Reflection

Care to Talk? Finding Emotional Support in Your Life
Information Page

Overwhelmed Care Partners
Video, 4 Minutes



Target Audience

This course introduces concepts that can be helpful for those who are new to the Parkinson’s community as well as those who are seasoned Parkinson’s care partners.

Learning Objectives

Our hope is that care partners who take this course will be able to:

  1. Understand the ways that your loved one’s Parkinson’s disease causes mood symptoms and disorders.
  2. Recognize different types of mental health professionals who could potentially help both you and your loved one with Parkinson’s.
  3. View yourself as an important participant in the management of your loved one’s mental health.
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