Nutrition: Yours and Theirs

What you eat matters, but prioritizing your own healthy eating may not feel like a priority.

This course will discuss nutrition recommendations for both people with Parkinson's and for the care partner.






Understanding Your Loved One's Needs

Diets for Parkinson's
Video, 2 Minutes

The M.I.N.D diet for Parkinson's
Downloadable PDF

Care to Talk? Diets for Parkinson's disease 
Video, 3 Minutes

Advanced Parkinson's and the Mediterranean and Mind Diets 
Video, 1 Minute

Mealtime and Swallowing Challenges with Advanced Parkinson's
Optional Videos

Watching for Weight Loss
Video, 1 Minute

Protein and Parkinson's Medications
Information Page

Protein Intake 
Video, 1 Minute

Scheduling Meals around Medications
Example Schedule

Protein Loading
Video, 1 Minute

Protein and Parkinson's 

Care to Talk? Sugar Cravings
Video, 2 Minutes

Sugar Cravings 
Video, 1 Minutes

Pause and Reflect: Their Needs
Personal Prompt

Wondering what to cook today?  
Bonus Content

Meeting Your Own Needs

Nutrition for Care Partners
Video, 2 Minutes

Care to Talk Nutrition. Differing Nutritional Needs 
Video, 2 Minutes

Energizing Foods
Video, 3 Minutes

Balancing Nutritional Needs
Video, 1 Minute

Meal Planning Techniques
Video, 1 Minute

Take Home Tip from the Expert…
Sharable Tip

Pause and Reflect: Your Needs
Personal Prompt

Wondering what to cook today?  
Bonus Content



Target Audience

This course introduces concepts that can be helpful for those new to the Parkinson’s community as well as those who are seasoned Parkinson’s care partners, offering a few sections focused specifically on advanced Parkinson’s.

Learning Objectives

Our hope is that care partners who take this course will:

  1. Identify dietary and meal planning strategies that could benefit you as the care partner and/or your loved one managing their Parkinson’s disease.
  2. Understand when work with your loved one’s doctor and/or a dietitian to adjust diets and/or mealtimes to better manage their Parkinson’s symptoms.
  3. Learn how to approach meals and nutrition in ways that benefit both your loved one and yourself.
Course summary
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Nutrition Subject Matter Expert: 

Tracie Via, MBA, RDN 

Tracie has worked in clinical settings as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and clinical manager for 30 years. Her area of expertise is in metabolic support work with patients in trauma/critical care, surgery, oncology, neurology and pediatrics who require enteral and parenteral nutrition support. 


Expert Care Partners:  

Bernard Coley 

Bernard is care partner to his wife, Denise, and a Parkinson’s Foundation Research Advocate. 


Terri Peacher-Ransom 

Terri is a care partner to her husband, Don, and a Parkinson’s Foundation Research Advocate.  


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