Instruction and Support for Care Partners

Chapter Six is devoted to care partner support and the unique challenges that often impact their own health and safety. This chapter reviews safety and wellness support techniques and community care which will be helpful for care partners as Parkinson’s progresses.  






Instruction and Support for Family Care Partners 
Rose Wichmann, PT 
Minimum Seat Time:  30 min. 

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Learning Objectives

At the end of this chapter, the learner will be able to: 

  1. Explain current care partner statistics.  
  2. Discuss the impact physical therapy may have for family care partners at all stages of Parkinson’s.   


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Chapter One
Overview of Parkinson's Disease & the Role of Exercise and Neuroplasticity
Minimum Seat Time:  2 hr, 20 min. 

Chapter Two
Physical Therapy Models of Care and Assessment
Minimum Seat Time:  3 hr, 8 min. 

Chapter Three
Exercise: Evidence & Application
Minimum Seat Time:  2 hr, 50 min. 

Chapter Four
Optimizing Gait, Balance, & Dual Tasking
Minimum Seat Time:  4 hr, 35 min. 

Chapter Five
Keeping the Body Moving in Late-Stage Parkinson’s
Minimum Seat Time:  1 hr, 10 min. 

Chapter Six
Instruction and Support for Care Partners​​​
Minimum Seat Time:  30 min. 

Faculty Member(s)

Rose Wichmann, PT

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